Jay and Leslie's Laughing Matters

One, Two, Learning With You


One, Two, Learning With You

Appropriate For: Grades 1-2

Best For: Grades 1-2

Program Length: 45 minutes

Curriculum Objectives: Story Problems, Venn Diagrams, Character, Setting, Plot

(Can be presented as a workshop or a performance.)

This fun program develops literacy and math skills for younger elementary students. Leslie introduces students to her dragon puppet Darrin and tells of his adventures helping a number of fairy tale characters. Students learn about story problems as they help Prince Forgetful recall the adventures and perform a math calculation about them.

Jay and Leslie then perform imaginative versions of two fairy tales, including a telling of The Three Little Pigs that involves audience volunteers. Students identify and compare the characters, setting, and plot of the stories while Jay and Leslie record the students’ observations in a Venn Diagram.