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Sum of Our Favorite Numbers

Math Assembly

We use juggling, humor, and stories to teach addition, multiplication, division, remainders, and measurement. Math has never been more fun!

Best for Grades 2-5

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Tales With a Point

Language Arts Assembly

Familiar stories take on new wonder as we play with the characters, settings, and plots of fables and fairy tales. A discussion of these story elements deepens the students' understanding of literature.

Best for Grades 1-3

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How Freedom Works

Civics Assembly

American Government comes to life in this fun, engaging assembly. Students learn about the branches of government, the Electoral College, and how a bill becomes a law.

Best for Grades 3-6

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Juggling the Earth's Resources

Earth Science Assembly

Juggling balls become atoms and molecules as we teach students about oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water in our environment. We also show how to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Best for Grades 2-5

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Letters, Numbers, Shapes, and Colors

Early Education Assembly

We do something for every letter of the alphabet in this engaging show for little ones. They learn about juggling, mime, sign language, and patterns while reviewing their letters, numbers, shapes, and colors.

Best for Grades Pre-K and K

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Professor I Drop

Science Assembly

Jay illustrates kinetic and potential energy using bean bags, spinning plates, and other juggling equipment. He also challenges students to solve a mystery by making up experiments.

Best for Grades 3-6

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