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The Story of Jay and Leslie

Once upon a time a baby girl was born. Her name was Leslie. She would shake her crib so hard it would fall apart so she could escape.


The next year a baby boy was born. His name was Jay. As he grew up, his favorite book was the encyclopedia.

Leslie went to college and changed her major five times. She just couldn't make up her mind. Jay went to a prestigious Ivy League university but forgot to plan for a career.

Fortunately, fate have given them a boon. They could both juggle. When they met in 1980 they became juggling partners, good friends, and honeys. In 1984 they got married.

Their juggling took them to faraway places. From the tropics of Guatemala to the rugged cold of Iceland, from busy London streets to the splendor of the Alps, Jay and Leslie performed their tricks for young and old alike.


They took classes from the great mime, Marcel Marceau. They studied videos of classic comedy teams like the Smothers Brothers and George Burns & Gracie Allen. Their shows got better and better.


One day in 1988 the white stick turned blue, and Jay and Leslie knew that they were going to be parents. Three years later it happened again. They have two wonderful children who grew up helping with the show.

Now Maggie and her husband run a great little theater, and Haz Molly is an excellent children's librarian.


Jay and Leslie perform at theaters, schools, libraries, and anywhere people need to be entertained. They call their show Laughing Matters because it does...

...and they are living happily ever after in a nice little house in Kansas City with Christmas lights in every room all year long.

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